- Starvox Exhibits Brings Mona Lisa to Toronto!!
- Banksy’s iconic depiction of Mona Lisa makes North American debut as world’s largest collection of artist’s work returns to Toronto with twice the number of previously unseen artworks. -

The Art of Banksy
Opening May 29th at the Lighthouse Artspace, 1 Yonge Street
Tickets on sale March 23rd!

Opening soon! Rare chance to hear stories behind some of Banksy’s art works from EX curator Michael Boersma.

The protagonist of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece will make its North American debut through the eyes of one of this century’s most controversial artist. Banksy’s Mona Lisa is wrestled from her original serene context in a rarely seen painting that will be a feature piece in an exhibition of the world’s largest collection of original and authenticated Banksy art. Coming direct from a successful run in London, the exhibit will showcase more than 140 pieces including hand drawn sketches on display for first time in Toronto, stencils used in wall graffiti alongside previously unseen artworks, prints, canvases and fascinating ephemera, The Art of Banksy returns to Toronto for a limited run at the Lighthouse Artspace on May 29, 2024.

Live entertainment company, Starvox Exhibits, in collaboration with London-based GTP Exhibitions are presenting The Art of Banksy, a blockbuster exhibition that has gathered pieces from private collections across the globe to create the world’s largest touring collection of original and authenticated Banksy artworks, many of which are on display for the very first time. Starvox Exhibits first presented The Art of Banksy to Canadian audiences in 2018 with a virtually sold-out presentation that went on to successful tours in Chicago, Boston, Washington, Denver, and San Francisco.

Starvox Exhibits CEO Corey Ross, the visionary force behind acclaimed, groundbreaking immersive experiences like "Immersive Van Gogh" and "Immersive Disney” says, “Banksy has become a topic for art critiques as well as a wider audience by combining art, intellectual thought, pop culture and activism. His commentary deserves to be experienced by as wide an audience as possible, and we are delighted to be bringing this collection back to Canada with a newly expanded collection of these iconic pieces”.

The most expensive piece in this collection is Banksy’s Mona Lisa, a signed but previously unknown work that was originally bought directly from the artist by a Hollywood A-list actor, who is a personal friend of Banksy. The owner of this painting has been buying art direct from the artist and now boasts a collection that includes works specially commissioned for him that are unknown to the public. In 2022, he returned the Mona Lisa to Banksy who then developed the painting further to create a brand-new artwork that incorporated the original. This painting is on loan to The Art of Banksy collection for a limited time only.

Considered a top work of the artist, this painting was first revealed to the general public and the artworld when exhibited at The Art of Banksy in London, Regent Street in September 2023. The Toronto presentation is notably the painting’s North American debut. Banksy’s Mona Lisa will go to auction in the near future and is expected to fetch a record price, after which it is also expected to be withdrawn from public display.

The Art of Banksy will also be presenting some extra special exhibits including a global exclusive – the first ever Flower Thrower. In 2003 Banksy unveiled Flower Thrower – also known as Love Is In The Air – for the first time, becoming one of the artist’s most recognizable works. owever, Banksy had already created an initial artwork in 1997, depicting a man throwing a bunch of flowers, as a Valentine’s Day gift for his then girlfriend. The original Flower Thrower will be shown together with information about the origins of the image.

The Art of Banksy curator and producer, Michael Boersma adds, “We are grateful to the private collectors who have decided to share their authenticated Banksy pieces through this exhibit. Many of these pieces have not been seen in public before and the experience of seeing them in person has resonated with audiences around the world. This body of work is a great example of how real art does not need to be ambiguous and difficult, but it does need to be experienced to be fully appreciated”.

Visitors can also expect to see the seminal artworks that brought the infamously anonymous artist international notoriety such as Girl With Balloon in three different colour variations and Rude Copper alongside truly one-off pieces including stencils created and used by the artist, hand drawn sketches and personal works that Banksy created for friends, associates, and lovers. The exhibition also focuses on Banksy’s Dismaland with a new extended display of images as well as brand-new images acknowledging the ongoing war in Ukraine.

New for Toronto and for the first time in North America, Banksy’s printer, who along with Banksy set up Pictures on Walls to sell street art and publish prints, shares personal stories giving unique insight into some of the world’s most famous images, engrossing background on how those headline-grabbing street art stunts were devised and how, with their irreverent wit and a biting political edge, this visionary took the art world by storm without ever revealing his identity.

In its new home in the Lighthouse Artspace at 1 Yonge Street, The Art of Banksy is an unmissable show for anyone who wants to learn more about one of the world’s most important current artist and what his work reveals today; the power of art to affect social change, inspire the public and lay bare the undercurrents of social issues.

The Art of Banksy is not curated or authorised by the artist.


The Art of Banksy

Lighthouse Artspace Toronto
1 Yonge Street, Toronto Canada

Tickets start at $39.99 plus tax and can be booked online at www.banksyexhibit.com

Website: www.banksyexhibit.com
Instagram: @banksyexhibit.com
Facebook: @banksyexhibit.com



The Art of Banksy is produced by GTP Exhibitions, a London-based company, and is curated by Michel Boersma.

GTP’s The Art of Banksy has currently two collections on display to the public, one as an international tour and the other as a permanent London-based exhibit which now is in its 2nd year in iconic Soho. With access to 330 original and authenticated works, totalling a combined insurance value of over USD 120.000.000, GTP has earned an exclusive position within the art and exhibition world.

GTP only exhibits real artworks, authenticated by Banksy or with established and documented provenance. All works have been created and sold by the artist to collectors, no replicas are on show. Over the years GTP earned the trust of known Banksy associates and friends, some of whom have decided to work with the curator in bringing Banksy’s art and the story behind their creation to a global audience.

GTP’s The Art of Banksy has previously been seen in Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto (2018), Miami, Gothenburg, Sydney, Chicago, Boston, San Fransisco, Minneapolis, Denver, Washington DC, Manchester, and London.



Starvox Exhibits is a division of Starvox Entertainment. Founded in Toronto in 2003 by Corey Ross, Starvox Entertainment has ranked in Profit Magazine’s Fastest growing Canadian companies for 5 years in a row. Starvox produces, manes, represents, and promotes crossover performing arts shows and exhibitions that tour Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Mr. Ross has produced multiple theatrical shows and exhibits in the US, including the Harry Potter parody Potted Potter and Champions of Magic, and is a producer of the world-renowned blockbuster Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit.

In Las Vegas, Mr. Ross produces three shows for Caesars Entertainment – Wow, Rouge, and Potted Potter. In the world of art exhibitions, Mr. Ross produces Immersive Van Gogh, Immersive Disney Animation, and more.

SOURCE: Starvox Exhibits

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