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Following Premier Doug Ford and Solicitor General Michael Kerzner's announcement of an $18 million investment to help combat auto theft, Amanda Dean, Interim Vice-President, Ontario, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), issued the following statement:

"IBC commends the Ontario government on its continued commitment to fighting auto theft, reflected in today's announcement of an $18 million investment over three years to help police services combat and prevent auto theft, delivered through Ontario's Preventing Auto Thefts grant.

Last year marked the first time in history when Canada's insurers paid over $1 billion in claims for stolen vehicles. In Ontario alone, auto theft claims costs were approximately $700 million in 2022, up from approximately $160 million in 2018, a staggering 329% increase.

IBC believes a whole-of-society approach is necessary to help end auto theft and we are encouraged by the Ontario government's commitment to create a provincial auto theft team with dedicated prosecutorial support to strengthen provincial capacity to police and deter organized crime's involvement in auto theft.

We echo Premier Ford's call for the federal government to play a leadership role in tackling the surge in auto thefts and preventing the outflow of stolen vehicles from Canada's ports. Canada's insurers continue to call on the federal government for the creation of a National Task Force on Stolen Vehicles, which should immediately convene key experts and stakeholders to validate a suite of solutions needed to reduce vehicle theft in the near term and ensure they are implemented in coordination.

IBC is also pleased that the Government of Ontario has indicated through today's announcement that it will foster a partnership with us and other stakeholders to share information and resources and to help in the development of effective prevention strategies and public education campaigns. IBC and ร‰quitรฉ Association recently launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the costs of auto theft, and we look forward to continuing to build greater public awareness of the auto theft crisis.

Canadians should not have to live in fear of auto theft and deserve the reassurance and the knowledge that their governments are doing everything they can to fight back against theft."

SOURCE: Insurance Bureau of Canada

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