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- New survey from Plan International Canada spotlights shift in holiday priorities in today's climate.
- Nearly 60% Of Canadians Will Need To Reduce Their Holiday Budget Due To Inflation, Global Conflict; Will Prioritize Meaning Over Material Gifts This Holiday Season. -

A new charitable giving survey* from Plan International Canada has uncovered a noticeable shift in Canadians' holiday sentiments this year, with 57% intending to reduce the amount they will spend on gifts this season, and a stronger preference for giving gifts with meaning over material goods. The survey of 1,508 individuals in Canada found that the current state of the world — including issues like conflict, climate change and rising inflation — is changing Canadians' priorities.

This year, Canadians will be more impressed by holiday gifts that have meaning than by material goods. Seventy percent of respondents are less inclined to ask for material items, while 40% are less likely to purchase material gifts for loved ones, compared with previous years.

These insights reflect a noteworthy shift in attitudes toward holiday gifting, prompting deeper contemplation on the essence of celebrating the season amidst the backdrop of today's challenges.

Other survey highlights:

• Donations that meet critical needs: 22% emphasized increased importance of donating to charities that work to address the most urgent needs.
• Significance of social awareness: Over 40% recognized a growing importance of understanding social issues locally and globally.
• Supporting those in need: Nearly half (40%) acknowledged a heightened importance of assisting people and communities in need of help.

"Canadians are responding to the constant stream of news about conflicts, climate concerns and increasing living costs by prioritizing social awareness and impact over consumerism," said Saadya Hamdani, Plan Canada's Director of Gender Equality and Inclusion. "In light of this, choosing ethical, meaningful gifts holds far more significance and will be appreciated by both the giver and the recipient. Plan Canada's Gifts of Hope are the perfect solution this year."

Meaningful > material gifts

The current sociopolitical climate is also impacting how Canadians feel about their gifting priorities. Almost half (45%) said it is more important to give or receive gifts that have meaning than to focus on material items.

Plan Canada's Gifts of Hope provide tangible goods and vital services to children and families who are most in need. In addition, many gifts are matched by Plan Canada's government or institutional partners, maximizing the value of the gifts and their impact on helping people around the world transform their lives.

Featured Gifts:

• Food baskets are filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, cereal blends and sugar ($50, matched 7x for a total $400 value).
• Girl power offers girls nourishment, education and protection to keep them safe from early and forced marriages ($50, matched 8x for a total $450 value).
• School meals ensure that children can enjoy daily hot lunches ($10, matched 5x for a total $60 value).
• Help children in emergencies: When disaster hits, children may be separated from their families, and girls are open to risks of trafficking, violence and forced labour. This gift supports families with shelter, food, clean water and medical supplies when an emergency strikes ($55, matched 6x for a total $385 value).

Importance of holiday donations

If given the option to support only one cause this year, Canadians ranked humanitarian aid in emergencies, domestic violence, hunger and homelessness among their top priorities.

While 59% lean toward charities that are close to their hearts, a third of respondents prioritize aiding emergency-response charities, emphasizing a strong sense of community compassion and a focus on addressing immediate critical needs.

SOURCE: Plan International Canada