In mid 2023, the Ontario Provincial Police reported a 32% increase in fatal collisions, compared to the same time in 2022. According to MyChoice, a leading insurance comparison site, this statistic underscores the importance of understanding which areas in Ontario are safer for drivers. The company's latest study, drawing from data collected from over 100,000 quotes since 2020, including 2,274 accidents and 5,080 tickets, offers a revealing look at the safest and most dangerous cities for drivers across the province. The study employed a detailed methodology based on the weighted averages of accidents and infractions with a 70/30 importance ratio, creating a comprehensive scoring system from 0 to 5.

Cities like Brantford emerge as particularly challenging for drivers, scoring as low as 0.7 out of 5. This city not only leads in the percentage of traffic tickets issued but also in the number of accidents. On the other end of the spectrum, Toronto stands out as relatively safer for drivers, with a high score of 4.4 out of 5. This ranking is attributed to its lower rates of traffic violations and accidents.

These results are crucial for a deeper understanding of traffic safety and driver behaviour throughout Ontario. Aren Mirzaian, CEO of MyChoice, states, "This study sheds light on the disparities in driving conditions across Ontario and emphasizes the need for targeted improvements in road safety."

Raw Data for study:

% Of Drivers With Infractions on Record

•BRANTFORD: 18.18%
•HAMILTON: 13.38%
•BARRIE: 13.09%
•AJAX: 13.05%
•BOLTON: 12.70%
•KINGSTON: 12.58%
•WINDSOR: 10.39%
•KITCHENER: 10.16%
•BRAMPTON: 10.07%
•GUELPH: 8.53%
•BRADFORD: 7.94%
•WHITBY: 7.72%
•NEPEAN: 7.01%
•MAPLE: 6.70%
•NORTH YORK: 6.23%
•TORONTO: 6.17%

% Of Drivers With Accidents on Record

•BRANTFORD: 15.15%
•AJAX: 14.69%
•KINGSTON: 13.84%
•WINDSOR: 12.64%
•BARRIE: 12.27%
•BRAMPTON: 12.12%
•HAMILTON: 11.92%
•OAKVILLE: 11.73%
•LONDON: 11.61%
•THORNHILL: 10.22%
•NEPEAN: 10.15%
•GUELPH: 10.14%
•WHITBY: 8.13%
•NORTH YORK: 7.65%
•EAST YORK: 7.54%
•TORONTO: 6.13%

SOURCE: My Choice Financial, Inc.