Mike Tryggvason, Canadian competition aerobatic and airshow pilot, perform aerobatic demo at the Canadian Air Show 2023 and promote, and inspire the next generation of aviators across Canada and the USA.

Mike Tryggvason is a Canadian competition aerobatic and airshow pilot with more than 5000 hours of total flight time. He works at a major airline as a pilot and instructor, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario.

Mike is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and currently flies a Giles 202 in airshows and Advanced competition.

His group, 10g Aerosports, strives to promote and inspire the next generation of aviators across Canada and the USA.

The Extra is a two seat aerobatic monoplane built by Walter Extra in 1980’s. Often used in aerobatic competition in the Unlimited category. The 330LC was designed lighter, faster and more maneuverable than it’s competition. The design allows speeds of up to 250mph/418km/h. The Extra 330LC can perform crazy aerobatic maneuvers like Hammerheads, Tailslides and our favourite – Lomcevaks (Czech for “headache”).

Using his background in competition aerobatics, Mike has been an up and coming pilot in the Canadian airshow world, thrilling audiences across the continent with an action packed, precision focused, high performance aerobatic demonstration. Mike comes from a flying family, taking his first flight with his dad when only a few weeks old, and has built a career in aviation since then. Mike began his flight training in Southern Ontario before becoming a bush pilot in the Red Lake area for half a decade. Pursuing aerobatics continually since achieving his pilot’s license, Mike has flown numerous competitions including the US National Championships in 2014 and 2017. He began flying airshows in 2011 to share his passion for aviation and play a role in inspiring the next generation of pilots. Mike currently flies the Boeing 737 for a Canadian airline and seeks out every opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with future Aviators.

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