Celebrating their 77th season, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly the F/A-18 Super Hornet and perform a combination of formation and solo maneuvers in an inspiring high energy demonstration. The four-jet diamond performs precision formation flight with the aircraft wingtips as close as 2 feet apart while performing loops, inverted rolls and even high performance turns. The two solo jets perform high energy maneuvers together and from opposite directions closing in on each other as fast as 1,000 mph. Canadian International Air Show are honoured to have the Blue Angels return to Toronto. Look forward to watching them fill the sky with speed, sound and smoke trails!
Fat Albert (as he is lovingly referred to) is a C-130T Hercules that is part of the United States Navy Blue Angels demonstration team and travels to every show with them carrying their support personnel and equipment. The C-130 is a tactical airlift aircraft with a huge rear hatch, designed to handle up to 45,000 pounds of cargo and people. Powered by four Allison turboprops, the 97-foot-long aircraft has a crjavascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$ModeratorContent$cmdUpdate','')uising speed of 374 mph. Fat Albert will be flying in the show each day.

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