As part of the Effervescence conference, the Centre Québécois d'Innovation en Biotechnologie (CQIB) announced a contribution of $420,000 to seven startups for the clinical data validation of new medical technologies.

"This is an important milestone for the selected companies. They will be able to validate their technologies under real healthcare conditions or complete clinical data that will enable them to move towards commercialization within the Québec healthcare system or on international markets," said Perry Niro, CEO of CQIB.

The financial assistance granted comes from the Adopt program, an initiative of the Québec healthcare accelerator and incubator consortium, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy. The supported companies are:

2. Nura Medical
3. Ora Medical
4. Ex-able
5. Sphaira
6. Statera Medical
7. Zillia

About the ADOPT program and the consortium of health accelerators and incubators in Québec.

The ADOPT program, led by CQIB in collaboration with six healthcare incubators and accelerators - adMare BioInnovation, Centech, District 3, Campus des technologies de la santé, ACET, and Quantino - aims to better prepare founders of young startups in the sector to establish business relationships with stakeholders in the life sciences ecosystem, both in Québec and elsewhere in the world.

SOURCE: Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Center (CQIB)