- As psychedelic therapy regulations are being implemented, drafted and discussed globally, the need to educate doctors, psychiatrists and prescribers in psychedelics is greater than ever. -

ATMA Journey Centers Inc., Canada's leading psychedelic-assisted therapy training provider, begins its first psychedelic training program highly focused on psilocybin and MDMA, designed for physicians, psychiatrists and prescribers starting April 14, 2023.

Up to now, psychedelic therapy has largely been in the attention realm of therapy providers like psychologists and clinical counselors and as a result, training programs have traditionally been designed for and revolve around the therapy provider. However as psychedelic assisted therapies are being rolled out, drafted and discussed, real life psychedelic therapy implementation is clearly evolving to involve doctors, psychiatrists and prescribers.

"There are so few trained psychedelic therapists as is, and there are even fewer trained prescribers" Vu Tran Co-founder of ATMA states. "We already see in Australia and Alberta, and even looking ahead to the rest of Canada and most US states, the approach to psychedelic therapy is likely going to involve prescribers as the gate keepers for psychedelic-assisted therapy"

The leader in psychedelic-assisted therapy training, ATMA is the only training provider to have gathered real life protocol experiences through conducting legal psilocybin assisted therapy for palliative care patients and has been leading clinical trials with healthcare professionals over the past two years. ATMA is working to add MDMA clinical trials to further increase the scope of psychedelic understanding. With psychedelic assisted therapy just barely emerging in the medical space there are few, if any, training providers with the depth of experience in legal psychedelic therapy as ATMA.

ATMA's recently approved N500 Phase II Clinical Trial for healthcare professionals suffering from anxiety, depression, and occupational burnout arising from Covid-19 provides the opportunity for prescribers to cross participate between training and clinical trials, a unique training experience to understand fully the efficacy and utility of the medicine.

The Psychedelic Training for Physicians and Prescribers course is now open for registration: Physicians and Prescriber Program.

SOURCE: ATMA Journey Centers Inc