- Brizo Data Announces the 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscape -

Brizo Data is excited to share the 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscape, providing an unparalleled visualization of the key restaurant technology companies that are driving innovation in the foodservice industry. Brizo FoodMetrics, the company's flagship market analytics platform, leverages billions of data points in the North American foodservice and restaurant business to unlock an in-depth view of the technologies-in-use and empowers businesses to make informed decisions.

"Brizo's data-rich insights show that the adoption of technology isn't only about driving revenue or creating niche, 'futuristic' experiences where tech and food meet," said Trevor Shimizu, co-founder and CRO of Brizo. "Instead, much of today's technology assists with the bread-and-butter of restaurant business, helping restaurateurs and food and beverage vendors optimize operations and create efficiencies."

The Landscape was created by identifying companies serving US and Canadian foodservice markets; capturing companies ranked and mentioned online; identifying technology-in-use across markets using Brizo FoodMetrics; and finally categorizing companies based on their core offerings.

While the restaurant industry is known for the analogue, real-world dining experience and the work, skill and talent that goes into creating it, the pandemic catalyzed the adoption of new technologies that allowed restaurants to continue to operate no matter what the restrictions. Ghost kitchens flourished. Online ordering and delivery services expanded. Contactless payment systems became the standard.

In the post-Covid world, inflation and staffing shortages continue to challenge the industry and technology has emerged to assist there too. Brizo's Restaurant Technology Landscape shows that the adoption of technology is expanding into more aspects of the foodservice sector ripe for innovation. As operators engage with customers hungry for new and evolving experiences, restaurant technology is critical to automating labor-intensive processes and back-of-house operations, while also giving customers the experience and convenience they want.

The Brizo 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscape gives visibility to the big players shaping how restaurants operate across each of the major categories of restaurant technology including payment systems and point-of-sale, online ordering, AI and robotics, reservations and staffing, ghost kitchens, inventory, accounting and staffing solutions. Among the biggest implications of the adoption of restaurant technology is that its increased usage unlocks new kinds of data. Insights from that data have the power to impact decision-making and create efficiencies that were never possible before.

Key Insights and Trends Based on the Brizo Restaurant Technology Landscape:

• AI and robotics defy definition.
• Delivery gets even better.
• POS integrates with back- and front-of-house operations.
• Increasing guest convenience through multiple ways to pay.
• Online ordering drives new kinds of data.
• Deeper adoption of reservation and waitlist systems.
• Back-of-House innovation for inventory, accounting and purchasing.
• Staff takes centerstage with tech efficiencies for scheduling, payroll.
• Customer loyalty programs accelerate.
• Ghost kitchens have staying power.
• New technology emerges for dynamic pricing, food safety and food waste management.

Brizo is committed to providing quality, near real-time data-driven insights. The 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscape is continually evolving and updated. Companies can submit themselves for inclusion via the link below.

SOURCE: Brizo Data, Inc.