Every year, we send letters to eligible Canadians inviting them to file their income tax and benefit returns with the CRA's File my Return automated phone service.

This service is free, secure, and easy to use. If you are eligible to use this service, you should receive an invitation letter in February 2023.

About File my Return

This service allows you to file your tax return without the need to complete any calculations or forms. By filing a tax return, you will be able to receive the benefits and credits you may be eligible for. File my Return uses the information the CRA already has on file, and the answers you provide, to auto-file and process your tax return.

As part of filing your 2022 income tax and benefit return through this service, we will ask you to answer a series of short questions and provide some personal information. You will find the information you need to use the service in the invitation letter. The letter will arrive either in the mail with your tax package, or in a separate envelope, or if you are registered for My Account and have your correspondence preference set to "Electronic mail", you will receive an email notification to view the letter in your account.


To be eligible, you must have a:

• lower income or a fixed income
• simple tax situation that remains unchanged from year to year

How and when to use the File my Return service

The File my Return service opens on Monday, February 20, 2023, at 12 pm, Eastern Time. Following that, the service is available 21 hours a day, from 6 am to 3 am, Eastern Time, 7 days a week.

Learn more about the File my Return service at canada.ca/file-my-return.

For Quebec residents

If you're a resident of Quebec, the service only completes the federal tax return. You'll still need to complete and submit a Quebec provincial tax return with Revenu Québec.

Other ways you can file your tax return

There are different ways to file your income tax and benefit returns. For more information go to our Get ready to do your taxes page.

Protecting you from scams and fraud

To avoid scams and fraud, be aware of when and how the CRA might contact you. The Scams and fraud page provides information on the ways that the CRA may contact you, including by phone, email, mail, and text message.

We strongly encourage you to monitor your CRA accounts regularly for any suspicious activity. You can find valuable information on how to secure your CRA accounts on our Security of your CRA My Account page page.

SOURCE: Canada Revenue Agency

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