- Report combines rich industry analysis, proprietary survey data from over 2,000 respondents, and unique insights provided by more than 100 creator educators (the class of creators producing content designed to share knowledge or drive impact).
- Key trends reveal the latest tactics creator educators are adopting to satisfy the evolving appetites of student customers.
- Report finds that today, over twice as many people are interested in creators making content for education than for entertainment purposes. -

Thinkific Labs Inc., the platform shaking up online education by empowering creator educators to build, market and sell digital learning products, announced the release of its new Digital Learning Trends Report 2023.

The in-depth report provides a unique look into the current state of digital learning, backed by consumer survey findings from over 2,000 respondents and invaluable insights from more than 100 creator educators. With this comprehensive, first-hand data, the report outlines forward-looking industry trends that are paired with actionable tips for anyone looking to launch or grow their own successful digital learning business.

Some top industry trends include:

• The shifting tide from creator entertainers to creator educators
• The emergence of microlearning as a solution for life-on-the-go
• The rise of community-first digital learning
• The diversification of income streams offering financial security in uncertain economic times

Other key findings include:

Today, more than twice as many people are interested in creators making digital content for education than for entertainment purposes.
• 53% of people say they're more likely to buy a product if it's recommended to them by a member of a community that they belong to.
• More than 60% of people learn new things from content on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.
• 71% of people are currently considering pursuing additional income streams, and 43% already have a side hustle.

"Researching and developing our annual Digital Learning Trends Report gives us an invaluable pulse check on our industry, as well as the opportunity to hear directly from creator educators and their own student customers," said Greg Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Thinkific. "We're excited to be able to translate this knowledge into actionable insights that empower our creators to understand and leverage key trends that will supercharge their digital learning businesses."

A host of successful creator educators also contributed to the report, sharing their own learnings on how they've monetized their expertise to build successful businesses. For example:

• Jill Koziol, Co-Founder and CEO of Motherly, a wellbeing destination with an inspiring community of over 30 million moms learning to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, together.
• Debbie Rosas, Co-Creator and Founder of internationally acclaimed fitness program and lifestyle company, Nia Technique, Inc. As a pioneer in the body-mind fitness industry, Debbie has used her experience to build a thriving, global fitness company with a 7-figure revenue.

SOURCE: Thinkific Labs Inc.

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