- Interesting job opportunities for seekers from all backgrounds, with a strong increase in skilled trades, e-Commerce, and supply chain positions. -

Randstad Canada has good news and helpful guidance for Canadians hoping to start the new year with a new job. Despite an economic slowdown, employers are still in hiring mode, reflecting the talent scarcity and meaning there are exciting job opportunities for seekers from all backgrounds in various positions and industries.
While some occupations seeing the most demand in Canada for 2023 include the technology, healthcare, and professional services sectors, we also see many roles that require relatively little formal training and provide good compensation ranges.

“With the baby boomer generation retiring, Canadian employers see an important gap for skilled trades and blue-collar positions,” said Nick Montesano, Executive Vice President of Central Region at Randstad Canada. “Since the 1970s, high schools have not encouraged the trades as a career path, resulting in decades of shortages of skilled young people in the trades. It’s interesting to see that a degree isn’t the only path to steady employment and a secure income.”

Canadians embraced electronic commerce in 2022, which is anticipated to last well into 2023 and significantly impact trending jobs. Companies seek Digital Marketing Coordinators, Customer Service Representatives, and Business Analysts to help them implement a solid digital strategy and provide their clients with an exceptional experience. E-Commerce habits also have a substantial impact on the supply chain. “With the vast increase in demand for online deliveries, reduced delivery cycle, never-before competitive market, and ever-increasing customer demand, we also see a strong need for supply chain positions such as Production Supervisors, Warehouse Workers and Drivers,” says Montesano.

Randstad Canada's 15 Top Jobs for 2023 and Pay Ranges

1. Developer
The pandemic accelerated many digital projects for businesses, making the need to recruit tech talent far more pressing. Plus, developers now work at various organizations, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and governments.
Salary range: 68K to 155K based on the position’s level.

2. HR Manager
In the post-pandemic world, businesses face many challenges, such as budget constraints, looming skills gaps, and worker expectation shifts. HR managers help enterprises face those challenges and adopt new workplace practices that include remote and hybrid work options.
Salary range: 75K to 156K based on the position’s level.

3. Mechanical Engineer
With a growing renewable energy sector, there is a significant demand for talent with these skills but also in all STEM industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and biomedical.
Salary range: 66K to 131K based on the position’s level.

4. Welder
Good welders are in demand across Canada because our blue-collar workforce is retiring. Since the 1970s, high schools did not encourage skilled trades as a career path, resulting in decades of shortages of skilled young people in this sector.
Salary range: 40K - 74K based on the position’s level.

5. Accounting Technician/Bookkeeper
Despite an influx of new workers in the accounting sector, there is still a significant need for accountants. Accounting is so in demand that it is a part of the Canadian immigration Express Entry System.
Salary range: 61K - 114K based on the position’s level.

6. Registered Nurse
Registered nurses make the list of in-demand healthcare jobs every year, as there is a massive shortage of nurses.
Salary range: 68K - 94K based on the position’s level.

7. Warehouse Worker
There is a demand for goods, which means there is a demand for talent across the supply chain, with the most significant gap being warehouse workers. With the high demand, many job opportunities are available for both skilled and unskilled workers.
Salary range: $17 - $29/hour based on the position’s level.

8. Customer Service Representative
Today’s customer service professionals must be able to work from home, be tech-savvy enough to use the company software platforms (including communication and CRM systems), and be flexible enough to provide each customer with a personalized experience.
Salary range: 43K - 74K based on the position’s level.

9. Driver
A labour shortage of truckers and drivers is a complex problem. Still, there is a crucial need to fill the position of commercial drivers, especially with the increases in online shopping in Canada and the current supply chain challenges.
Salary range: 42K - 65K based on the position’s level.

10. Sales Associate
A good sales associate can make a business successful. During the pandemic, when many retail and hospitality locations were closed, many former associates found new jobs, and now stores and hospitality are back up and running with a new increase in demand.
Salary range: 46K - 84K based on the position’s level.

11. Administrative Assistant
The administrative position has seen many shifts in the workplace over the last several years, leading to them being in high demand.
Salary range: 47K - 99K based on the position’s level.

12. Business Analyst
The digitization of offices and companies has contributed significantly to this need, along with many organizations relying on big data to inform their most important growth strategies.
Salary range: 62K - 142K based on the position’s level.

13. Production Supervisor
With the vast increase in demand for online deliveries, reduced delivery cycle, never-before competitive market, and reduced margins with ever-increasing customer demand, it's no wonder why production supervisors are in demand.
Salary range: 53K - 114K based on the position’s level.

14. Digital Marketing Coordinator
Digital marketing coordinators no longer only work in marketing agencies. With the rise of e-commerce, almost every company now requires a digital marketing coordinator on their team to help with critical projects.
Salary range: 62K - 122K based on the position’s level.

15. Construction Project Manager
Construction project managers are required for the construction sector primarily to help facilitate the massive housing boom that continues to take place across Canada.
Salary range: 61K - 150K based on the position’s level.
Randstad Canada’s business analysts reviewed data from clients and analyzed the roles posted in the previous 12 months to identify patterns and trends to develop the list. For all roles, salary ranges represent entry level, 1 - 3 years of experience, to senior level, 5+ years.

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