One of the amazing features of the 47th annual North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW is HIGHWAY HEATHENS live performance.

Highway Heathens Harley Davidson’s Stunt Team and has riders from across the country, including Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, giving the team a combined riding experience of over 60 years, including two of the best Harley-Davidson Stunt Riders in the country (Pat Duda and Martin Gilbert).

The Highway Heathens have always been known as the supporters of the globally successful Harley-Davidson lifestyle clothing brand β€œCrooked Clubhouse”, bleeding the name through the brand over the past 5 years.

Filling the void of a structured, organized, professional, and talented Harley-Davidson stunt riding team here in Canada – the Highway Heathens Stunt Team was born. The β€œUnknown Industries” of Canadian Harley-Davidson stunt riding.

* * *