- Purolator has receives TAPA's Level 1 Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certification.
- Certification recognizes organization's commitment to elevated levels of security protection across its Canada-wide network. -

Purolator announced today that it has received Level 1 Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certification from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). This certification focuses specifically on the transportation of goods via road and verifies that Purolator's road transportation vehicles have elevated levels of security protection.

This independently audited certification is widely considered to be the industry-leading security standard and regarded as one of the most thorough logistics and supply chain security certifications available to logistics and freight providers. TAPA's TSR certification focuses exclusively on transportation of goods via road and establishes standards for transporting products within a supply chain.

"As a Canadian leader in shipping and logistics, and one of only a few to attain this level, Purolator takes immense pride in achieving this certification, which attests we are doing everything we can to drive value for our customers," said Chris Spanjaard, Chief Operations Officer for Purolator. "We have prioritized customer service, safety and security for more than 60 years, and continue to uphold the highest industry standards in our network of 5,800 vehicles and trailers and 170 facilities across Canada."

TAPA-certified companies must pass a detailed independent audit to ensure compliance with numerous security requirements. The level one TSR certification is the highest level of certification that can be awarded and indicates Purolator's road transportation vehicles, travelling across Canada, have elevated levels of security protection.

SOURCE: Purolator Inc.