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New portable air disinfection device rapidly kills coronavirus

Saturday, September 5, 2020 12:00:00 PM

- Now available in Canada for high density buildings and elevators. -

New hospital grade technology that rapidly kills airborne coronaviruses can make the air in office buildings safer and give employees and tenants the confidence to return to the workplace.

"As Canadian businesses seek new ways to adapt to the ongoing disruption created by the global pandemic, the Novaerus device revolutionizes the return to work for offices, high-rises and, most importantly, the public," said Daniel De Monte, CEO of Flat Iron Building Group. He, along with President Julie Phillips purchased the devices for their employees and worksites in response to Covid-19 and the desire to reduce risk and create healthier workplaces.

Backed by science, the Novaerus technology has proven to kill 99.9 per cent of MS2 Bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). De Monte and Phillips were so impressed with the cost-effective and easy-to-install devices, they created Flairon Microclimates Ltd. to become a Canadian distributor of the successful European medical devices.

"The Novaerus devices were introduced to Canada last September for medical facilities that require the highest air purity such as intensive care units and in-vitro fertilization labs, but we immediately recognized the benefit and asked ourselves why not apply this medical innovation to a broader community?" said Phillips.

The portable devices help close the gap in infection control protocol which had previously focused mostly on hand washing and the disinfection of surfaces. Mounting evidence and acknowledgement from the World Health Organization confirmed that the SARS-CoV2 virus can potentially spread through airborne aerosol droplets.

"We now know that disinfecting the air is a critical step in reducing the transmission of airborne viruses like Covid-19," said Phillips.

"This is not just another air purifier. What made Novaerus stand out was its ability to kill the virus on the spot, its ease of use and portability," said De Monte. HVAC system solutions are more expensive, and require travel back through the return air system, making them less effective. One of the biggest selling points is the depth of global research and clinical trials that back up claims when it comes to Novaerus' ability to destroy airborne viruses.

Novaerus is a certified medical device used in hospitals and healthcare settings for infection control. Independent laboratory testing has proven the patented ultra-low-energy plasma technology used in Novaerus devices can kill airborne bacteria and viruses (including influenza, coronaviruses, norovirus, measles and tuberculosis) as well as airborne mold and fungi. The devices are currently used in schools, hospitals and hundreds of other facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia with great success.

"Our goal is to bring medical standard hygiene, sanitation, and air quality to Canadian construction, high-rise residential, office building and commercial markets," said Phillips. Three Novaerus devices, approved as Class 1 medical devices by Health Canada are available through Flairon Microclimates Ltd. and range in size and function, disinfecting air in various situations including elevators, washrooms, conference rooms and offices.

"This is a way for employers to reduce risks and make people more comfortable with being in elevators and working in offices," added Phillips. The disinfection systems can also help reduce employee sick time by mitigating against airborne transmission and other viral outbreaks like influenza and common colds.

"Workplaces and high-rises investing in these devices will not only help create healthier environments, but they will demonstrate care to tenants, employees and insurers," said De Monte.

SOURCE Flat Iron Building Group Inc.